Contemporary-Stain Provincial



Large: 16”D x 24”L x 24”H
Medium: 16”D x 18”L x 21”H

Patented wireless phone charging nightstand. Handcrafted in Montana, this nightstand is of solid wood and designed to wirelessly charge your iPhone, Samsung, and most all new smart phone devices, by simply resting your phone on the ring. These nightstands are not only functional, but beautiful and handcrafted to stand the test of time.



*Each Piece is Live Edge and organic in its own nature and will change slightly from piece to piece.  Your custom order will arrive even more beautiful than the photo appears.*

Blue Snow, Inc. is happy to present you with your custom wireless phone charging piece. With this, we would like you to know a few things on how to use and care for it.

If you have an iPhone older than the iPhone 8, we included a fob or case to make the iPhone compatible to the custom charging pad. If using the case simply start by inserting the chip at the bottom of the case into the bottom of the phone where the old charger would have been, then snap case gently into place over your phone.

If using the fob, place the fob chip where you would have placed your old charger into. You will notice on the back of the fob a tearing strip, which you can pull off and stick to the back of your phone. This will allow you to use any case of your choice over the fob.

We recommended the best way to clean your custom phone charging pad is by using a wood polish and conditioner called Feed-N-Wax. This can be purchased at the Blue Snow, Inc.showcase.

We now invite you to plug the charging pad in and enjoy the beauty and functionally.

*Warning: This piece has electrical components that are recommended not to be around any liquid of any kind.

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